Creating Spiritual Joy with Vibrational Art Healing

Simply put, Vibrational Art Healing is the healing that can occur on all levels of your being when interacting with the wonderful energy of spiritual artwork.

Art that is beautiful to the beholder, that resonates to their core within.

Art that has been created with love from the heart of the artist with the intention to share with others this beauty for their health and happiness.

"Our physical bodies exist within a larger “body”, a human energy field or aura, which is the vehicle through which we create our experience of reality, including health and illness. And it is through this energy field that we have the power to heal ourselves.
Barbara Ann Brennan, Hands of Light"

By changing the vibration in your energy field you can assist healing in your physical, emotional and mental body and soul levels of your being.

This transformational spiritual artwork can affect and bring about positive change with ease and grace. It can cause a shift from the doldrums to a lift into a lighter way of viewing life.

Yes, it can be that simple, that fast and that easy....just looking at a picture, painting or range of colours that resonate to your being changing the way you think and feel immediately.

Here is a personal example......

"Years ago my lovely husband took me to Canberra (Australia) to see a wonderful and for me life changing Impressionist exhibition by Claude Monet. We were just about to enter through the turnstiles where there was a larger than life photo of Monet. I locked eyes with Monet, and immediatly had tears running down my face...he spoke to me in such a way in a split second I felt his love, and energy and sense of coming home the embrace of one artist to another....I was in such a trance I was unaware I had dropped my ticket and holding up the queue...until the security checker interrupted my reverie and handed me back my ticket....It was such a blessing and opening of spirit...viewing the exhibition through such open eyes and heart was a highlight of my artistic life." Julie

Many years later, I realised my dream of visiting Monet's garden in Giverney, France. We walked in the most beautiful gardens, wandered through his home, I especially loved his bright yellow dining room and soaked in the beauty of his beloved water lily gardens. I was like being submersed in rainbow of love and light.

Monet's art and garden affect and heal me this way as I am certain they do many others.

I have used this as an example of how all types of art and colour and combinations of light, design, colour and pattern can resonate to our beings.

Art Healing utilises the different frequency of colours and the effects when colours are combined, the reaction of colours with each other when placed side by side, patterns and symbols to create a certain mood and emotions.

Healing and balancing for the individual can be automatic with ease and grace as they receive the Vibrational frequency via their auric field direct to their heart area without the process of the mind.

Energetic art comes in many forms, can be a painting of a lotus or healing flowers or the drawing of a spirit guide. Marlene and I bring you many variations of this energy art via our many products.

We have created the Soul Dimensions as a Vibrational healing tool encompassing the use of colour, coded imagery with inspirational daily guidance and a great deal more than can be seen with our physical sight.

This self healing energy tool buzzes with the high Vibrational energy of these 30 exquisite divine healing patterns.

Balancing the energy systems via our auric fields and assisting in release of blocked energy in our body, minds and etheric fields though this unique combination has on many occasion allowed the Soul Dimensions to bring about instantaneous beneficial results to the person consulting and interacting with their energy field. Enjoy with ease and grace the Soul Dimensions

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