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An idea that is developed and put into action is more important
than an idea that exists only as and idea. Buddha

spiritual butterfly

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Abundance Manifesting Quotes

From famous people, spiritual teachers of all paths

abundance quotes

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Spiritual Friendship Poems

Verses to inspire and share with friends

spiritual friendship quotes

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Spirit Quotes

Wise words from Lao-tzu, Buddha, the Bible along with Zen Quotes

Inspiration from the "greats"

spirit quotes

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Spiritual Encouragement

Quotes to encourage, empower
and inspire

Albert Einstein, Quotes about the way we think, Life and a few Proverbs

words of spiritual encouragement

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Daily Words of Wisdom

Affirmations and words
for Daily Guidance

Today is all there is

Love, Forgive, Be Patient

Smile It's easy!
Why make it difficult?

Marlene Rose/Soul Dimensions

daily words of wisdom

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Love Words of Wisdom

Loving Words from
Inspirational people


Love is All
Dare to Love
Your Self

Start Now

Marlene Rose /Soul Dimensions

love words of wisdom

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Spiritual Scriptures &
for Healing

Poems for spiritual healing. To assist you we have created an Mp3 of The 23rd Psalm

Hearing Love, Feeling Love
Embrace It.

Journey into the many levels of your Perfect Self,

At the core lies the Perfect Truth.

Marlene Rose/ Soul Dimensions

prayers for healing

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Encouraging Spiritual Poems

Encouraging words for difficult times. Take a peek at our great little poetry books


At the core lies Truth,

Beauty, Divinity, Unity, Love

Accept this

It is Who you Really Are

Marlene Rose /Soul Dimensions

encouraging spiritual poems

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Poems for Love & Romance

Inspiration for your Marriage Vows

The Heart
beats time
to the Rhythm of Life


from the Heart
Listen to your Heart
Speak Love

Marlene Rose /Soul Dimensions

poems for love and romance

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Beautiful Words of Wisdom

Messages from wise sages such as
Lao Tzu, Gandhi and Buddha.

to Who You Really Are

Look for the Reflection of your Godself
in you

into your
Whole Self

Marlene Rose /Soul Dimensions

beautiful words of wisdom

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Julie's Encouraging Poetry

Poetry of Julie Stuart

As you reach inside yourself
To find the love deep inside
You will find beauty so incredible
It’s impossible to hide.more

julie stuart poetry

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Free Spirit Quotes

Quotes from Spiritual Masters

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.
Unknown Author

free spirit quote

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We are grateful for all the wonderful people who have shared their words of wisdom with us over the ages through to modern times. We trust these encouraging poems and words assist and comfort you whatever your need may be.

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Never give up on something that you can't go a day
without thinking about.

Author Unknown